Busy Month for Gibson MMA

Hello Everyone!
First thing we will start with is congratulating all the fighters that competed in Tigerbalms. We had a great turnout: We had Christian, Alex and Kenzie in the Kids division and Tony, Shane, Niema and Ryan in the teens division. We also had 3 women compete in the womens kickboxing-Taryn, Lindsay and Jen who all did great.
We also had Sasan and Chelsea fight in North Vancouver, Sasan fought MMA and TKO'd his opponent and Chelsea fought kickboxing and won by decision.
On April 23rd we had Garreth Halpin and Johnny Kozlowski compete in an MMA tournament at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. Both did excellent and Johnny won all 3 fights to take home the Title!!
Mr. Gibson has been in the UK training Rampage and will be there until May 14th then he is off to Las Vegas for the final preparation for Rampage's fight against Rashad.
Also May is Referal Month bring in a friend or family member to sign up for a 4, 8 or 12 month membership and you will receive a FREE 1 MONTH added to your membership.

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