Hello Students, its your instructor Mr Gibson, the training has been intense for this fight,Rampage is looking unbreakable and more powerful as the days go by. We are leaving the camp in liverpool thursday and enter our final stages of preparation in las vegas. May 29th all Gibson students purchase and watch the UFC 114 and see rampage finish rashad evans.
Also  through a long process of elimination I have been chosen to be a judge at UFC 115 in vancouver, so i will see you all there. Make sure you all watch the primetime series 3 weeks prior to the rampage fight and see some of the preparation i went through to train and organize his camp.
Remember summer is coming and referral month is on, earn yourself a few free months but referring only good people to the gym. Stay regular on your workouts as I will be back to bring your training to the next level. Even Bigger news than we expected is coming to the Gibson Camp soon. Stay Tuned
I want to thank Julia and Katie budd as well as Marko for showing the maturity they have been and the role of team leaders while I was gone,this will never be forgotten.

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