IF you never fall, You will never learn to Stand Up!

Julia "the Jewel" Budd one of the top female fighters in the world fought for her second time on showtime last weekend, things don't always go as we like. Julia got caught and lost this one. Fighting at a world class level we put ourselves out for the world to see. Julia's determination is unbreakable, the moment we stepped off the plane from nashville, she asked please" open up the gym" she continued to work the bag for a hour and then put her running shoes on and takes off for a 3 mile run.
When she returns she will return stronger, better and remain on fighting for her goal.
As a coach for over 15 years to some of our countries top MMA fighters, I have never seen this before! The desire and determination in one individual so great, I assure you JULIA will be the Strikeforce Champ!

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