Lance tumbThis pankration system has been designed and hand-molded by the owner, Lance Gibson Sr.


Lance is the 2002 #1 ranked Shooto Fighter in the World; UFC 24 pay per view Middleweight Fight Champion and a veteran of the Internationally known Superbrawl and World Abu Dhabi Championships in 1998. Mr. Gibson started in the grass roots of combat (MMA), when they had no rounds or weight limits. Mr. Gibson has defeated opponents more than 80 lbs. heavier than himself. This enables him to teach realistic techniques to those who are at the most in need - the general public. Mr. Gibson has achieved one of the highest levels in the Martial Arts at a professionally recognized level.

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Julia tumbJulia Gibson has her Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics, her strength and conditioning specialist from NSCA and her BCRPA weight training.


She is the Canadian Champion and BC Champion in Muay Thai and is also a professional boxer. Her expertise in the fitness industry has made her classes one of a kind. She is one of the most sought after personal trainers and instructors in western Canada, however she has made Gibson her home.

Professional Muay Thai record 7-1 

Professional MMA record 4-2

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lanceJr tumb

Lance Gibson Jr. is Gibson MMA and wrestling instructor as well as All American wrestler. Has grown up under the teachings of his father and has continued the family tradition of evolving as a martial artist. Lance has fought in the cage and won by tko on his off season of his wrestling season.


While still teaching classes and private clients Lance Jr travels the United States competing in national level wrestling tournaments.



Michael tumbThis Gibson Instructor comes from a long history of Martial Arts with over 15 years experience. A loyal student and supporter of Gibson's for over 6 years, Michael Collins has achieved a high level in the Martial Arts. He is a regular sparring partner for many of Gibson's Heavyweight Pro Fighters. His experience in teaching comes from many team sports and courses throughout his education. 


Mr. Collins is also a well-respected Pastor of his Church. He is a valuable asset and motivator of our Team.



Private Training/Personal Coaching

Individual and small group sessions are available in private with Mr. Gibson and Julia Budd.
 Inquire about having them design a program to meet your specific needs in:

    • Weight loss/Conditioning
    • Sharpening techniques
    • Preparation for the ring
    • Counter bullying tactics