New Year, New Possibilities!


Happy New Year Gibson Soldiers!!!

From our family to yours, we hope that you are all blessed with love, success, happiness, & prosperity in the New Year!

A new year means possibilities and we can't wait for the possibilities ahead of us!

This new year is already an exciting for Gibson MMA! Lance "Fearless" Gibson Jr is entering the ring for a title fight this month! His fight camp is in full swing and he's ready to throw down! Howie "Super" Tan will also be fighting and representing Gibson MMA in the cage that same night! Be sure to show your support and send positivity to both fighters on January 22nd in Washington!

Julia "The Jewel" Budd will also be stepping back in the Bellator MMA ring this Spring! Jules is training every day and is ready to show the world why she's one of the best fighters in the cage!

It's the new year and that means, we want to continue sharing the journey of health and fitness with our members and with new members! Now is the time to kick up your training sessions so ensure that you're in the gym every day training hard and fuelling your body with nutritious and delicious food from the #gibsonhealthbar! Develop your habits early in the year so that they become second nature! Share your health goals with us as well! We want to assist and support you!

We also want to congratulate James, Janice, and Sarah for winning the Gibson Challenge! Each of these soldiers completed over 50 workouts in 30 days! They participated in yoga, kickboxing, mma, boxing, extreme fit, and personal training sessions! They ended 2015 strong, but they're ready to train hard in 2016 with YOU! See you at the gym Gibson Soldiers!