Lance Jr. makes his debut at #Bellator232!

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LanceFearlessGibson Jr. signed with Bellator MMA earlier this spring and made his debut on October 26, 2019 when he made short work of of Dominic Jones!
Lance won the fight at 1:58 in the 1st round with a lightening fast KO after stuffing Jones' takedown and raining down elbow strikes and punches until the referee stopped the fight, showcasing his intensity, focus, and explosiveness.
Mr. Gibson and Julia Budd, the reigning four time Bellator MMA Women's Featherweight World Champion, were in his corner. Lance now holds a professional record is 3-0-0.
On November 16, 2019 Mike "Ironheart" Brackett won the BFL MMA 175 pound title. After a 3 year lay off, Mike dominated a very tough opponent. He finished the fight in the 4th round by ground and pound.
On November 30, 2019 Jason Bakes made his MMA debut with an impressive win at Rise FC 5.
We're incredibly proud of all of our students and fighters. The dedication that each person shows to their craft is inspriing!

Bellator MMA Women’s Featherweight World Champion!


Our very own Jewel entered the Bellator 174 cage on March 3rd to make history and become the first Bellator MMA Women’s Featherweight World Champion! Julia set the tempo for the fight at weigh-ins the day before when she came face to face with her opponent Marloes Coenen to declare war.

Julia set history on many fronts on Friday night. Not only is she the first Bellator MMA women’s featherweight champion, but she is the first Canadian to enter the Bellator cage for a championship belt and the first Canadian to win a Bellator belt!

Jules dominated the fight from round 1 when she brought Coenen to the mat and demonstrated her superior grappling skills. Keeping her up against fence, Jules stayed on top of Coenen and limited her movement and her guard. Jules continued to dominate in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the fight, throwing huge punches while keeping Coenen pinned to the ground. In the 4th round of the fight, Jules again brought Coenen to the ground, moving from side control into mount to rain down heavy punches on Coenen. Coenen was left dazed after referee John McCarthy stepped in to end the fight since Coenen was unable to defend or answer Jules’ lightening strike punches.

This victory was the 8th straight win for Jules and has established her as one of the top MMA fighters in the world!

March 3rd marked the day that one of Jules childhood dreams came true. After training countless hours, working on her boxing, muay thai, and grappling skills, cross-training in various disciplines to hone her craft, healing from and working through injuries, Jules showed the world that anything is possible and that faith, discipline, and integrity are the foundation of success.

Jules is a role model to many people within the community. As a person who is positive, kind hearted, determined, and strong in mind, body, and soul, she consistently empowers everyone she meets to be the best they can be and achieve their dreams by recognizing and breaking down artificial barriers. She has shown us that anything is possible. Thank you Jules! We’re incredibly proud of you and so happy to call you our Champion!


Howe wins the belt

Congratulations for Howe "Super" Tan!!!!

On January 28, 2017 Howe became the new 125lb Championship Title in a Flyweight Championship bout. Howe won by way of knockout in the 4th round of the fight, demolishing Sean Williams and bringing the belt home to Port Moody, BC.

This warrior has been training and learning the craft under Mr. Gibson for the past 11 years! His humility and dedication to the craft is inspiring to us all. It wasn't easy, but Howe showed us all that hard work pays off.

We're incredibly proud of you Howe!

"He is a true martial artist and a pleasure to teach and train. I have trained many athletes and fighters in the 20 years I've had my gym and I can say he is everything I look for in a student. Keep it up champion!" - Mr. G

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