Our Jewel

Jules Domination

This season is a season for rejuvenation and a demonstration that hard work, determination and dedication can achieve anything.

Our very own Jewel fought last night in Bellator 162 and displayed all three qualities. Julia Budd defeated Arlene Blencowe with her impressive wrestling skills. As a loyal student of Gibson MMA and a powerful martial artist, Jules is an inspiration to all. Not only is she dedicated to the practice of MMA, training day in and day out, sometimes several times a day to hone her skills and technique, she is an inspiring human being. greeting everyone with a smile, anyone who has met Jules, immediately feels comfortable with her. She is one of the kindest human beings with one of the most generous hearts, always supportive and empowering her family, friends, students, and the people she comes into contact with.

Julia is a fierce example of what faith in one's self and the determination to work efficiently, effectively, and relentlessly can accomplish. We're proud of you Jules! Next stop is the World Bellator Championship! We're with you every step fo the way!

Gibson Soldiers! The November/December Workout Challenge will be starting soon! Keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for the details in the dojo! Remember to stay consistent and eat healthy through these winter months! Your body is YOUR machine and the care and love you give it through consistent workouts and food that fuels can have a major impact on its performance.