Fall Frenzy

Fall Frenzy

Fall's finally her Gibson Soldiers! The leaves haven't started to turn just yet, but Halloween's around the corner!

The gym and the health bar are pumping and it's time to get back to the grind! School's in session so let's get those schedules solidified. Make sure you're coming to classes, sweating hard and fueling up with quality nutrition from the Gibson Health Bar before and and after you leave it all on the mat!

We're excited to see so many new students attending the gym. We're even more excited to welcome many more students. If you're thinking about attending classes, give us a call or swing by the gym, we're always ahppy to chat with you about the different programs, classes, and options we have. So be sure to sign up ASAP as spots are filling up fast!

We're so stoked that many of our current students have been with us for years. If you're a current student or even an older student that's taken a bit of a break from the gym, it's time to renew to researve your spot!

If you know anyone that would love to try out a clas, or even someone you just want to share your love of MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, grappinling, or kickboxing with, bring them in. Friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers are always welcome.

Fall's Nearly Here

Jules - Box Jump

Summer's nearly over and Fall is on it's way Gibson Soldiers!

For many, that may mean easing into a more sedentary life. Don't fall into the trap! Now is the time pick up the pace! Our very own Jewel is a daily role model to all of us as she consistently trains everyday. She consistently leaves it all on the mat whenever she trains, ensuring that she's always in peak physical condition.

Change up your training like Julia, who trains in the gym and outside under Mr. Gibson's coaching.

If you regularly attend boxing and muay thai classes, make sure you come to MMA classes too! If you absolutely love kickboxing, we love that too! We love seeing our students train hard! Now try adding in a GibsonFit class a couple times a week! It's fun and focuses more on weights and cardio. We promises you'll love the feeling of exhiliration as you sprint around the block, perform stair hops, and push yourself to reach new and exciting levels of fitness.

Ask us about adding classes to your membership! Ask us about our nutrition packages too! Your goals are our goals and we want to support your fitness and martial arts adventure!

Stay Consistent!

Stay consistent

School may not be in session just yet, but don't let that affect your daily schedule Gibson Soldiers.

Now is the perfect time for you to hone your schedule and make sure that you're including your daily training session at the gym.

Consistency is key. By attending classes regularly you wlll maintain and surpass your peak physical, mental and emotional health and performance.

Training everyday at the gym will test your mental acuity when you run through different drills and combos. You will notice a huge difference in your ability to focus and engage during your school classes once they're back in session.

You'll also learn to hone to your emotions during your workouts at the gym; during each class we''l train you to stay focused and rational, to maintain your calm composure no matter what situation you find yourself in on the mat or outside the gym. This will benefit you in class and outside the gym when you're attending school.

Physically we will push you because we believe in all of our Gibson Soldiers. We know without a doubt that you have great potential and we want to help you reach your goals and experience peak performance.

Remember to stay consistent Gibson Soldiers!

See you in the gym this week!

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